Pale yellow free flowing powder of a fine particle size.

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Actiwhite is made from fresh egg albumen which has been specially treated so that moisture attracting proteins have been denatured. Actiwhite has superior stability to fresh egg white which makes it ideal for use in meringues and royal icing.
Intended for all types of consumers.
Damaged packaging can result in product contamination. Prevent exposure to air, or strong vapour to maintain organoleptic and sensory properties of the product.

**Please take note of the quantity used in this recipe and adjust yours accordingly.**

Acti-white 250g
Water (Luke Warm) 2,5l
Castor Sugar 4,5kg


Place water and Acti-white into a mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly to disperse. Leave to stand for ±10 minutes. Add sugar, whisk ±7 minutes on fast speed until maximum volume is obtained. Pipe as required onto SILICONE RELEASE PAPER. Dry out at 110°C for ±3 hours or in a cooling oven overnight.
For Royal icing use 65 grams Acti-white per 500 grams of water.

100g Recipe: Place 1000ml luke warm water and 100g Acti White into a bowl. Mix thoroughly. Leave to stand for 10 minutes. Add 2000g Castor Sugar. Mix for 7 minutes on fast speed until maximum volume. For Royal icing use 65 grams Actiwhite per 500 grams of water.

Acti-White (Meringue Powder)

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