This is a super-concentrated colour used to spray-paint or paint with.


Coloured liquid available in various colours
Kosher certified
Halaal certified
Food Grade
Used to:

Spray paint (because it is a liquid gel it does not block the spray nozzles)
Use as is or mix into QUICK Paint to allow spray to dry quicker.)
Airbrush: Fondant, gum paste, flower paste etc.
Royal Icing
Paint: Paint directly onto your sugar art with paint brush.
How to:

Put a few drops into AIRBRUSH cup and spay as needed.
You can dust over this with the RED, LILAC, WHITE or GREY label dusts to add more dimension to the colour.

After use, rinse in luke warm, mild soapy water.
Blow clean water through Airbrush till water sprays clean
Dry and reload with different colour or store.

Barco Airbrush Colour 50ml

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  • Chocolate Brown @ R47.50
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  • Christmas Red @ R47.50
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  • Electric Blue @ R47.50
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  • Electric Green @ R47.50
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  • Electric Orange @ R47.50
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  • Electric Pink @ R47.50
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  • Electric Purple @ R47.50
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  • Electric Yellow @ R47.50
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  • Olive Green @ R47.50
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  • Pillar Box red @ R47.50
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  • Super Black @ R47.50
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  • White @ R47.50
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