This box is not corrugated. A Bento Cake Box with an insert is a specialized packaging solution designed for storing and transporting cakes, especially those with multiple layers or components. This type of box is commonly used by bakeries, pastry shops, and individuals who want to ensure that their cakes remain intact and presentable during transit.
Multiple Compartments: The box typically consists of multiple compartments or layers, allowing you to store different parts of the cake separately. For example, you can place the cake base in one compartment and the frosting or decorative elements in another.
Insert: The insert is a key component of this packaging. It is usually made of food-safe materials like cardboard and is designed to fit inside the box, creating separate sections for different cake components. Inserts help prevent the cake layers from sticking together or getting damaged during transportation.
Visibility: Some Bento Cake Boxes have clear windows or lids, allowing customers to see the cake's design and presentation without opening the box.

Bento Cake Box with Insert

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