Welcome to our Edible Icing Sheets – your gateway to creative and delectable cake decorations! Our premium icing sheets are crafted with a unique blend of sugar and starch, offering a delectable canvas for your confectionery creations.

Print your edible dreams with ease as our icing sheets are compatible with any printer and, it goes without saying, edible non-toxic ink. Vibrant colors come to life as they seamlessly absorb into the sheets, resulting in vivid and captivating prints that add a personalized touch to your baked masterpieces.

Designed to stand the test of time, our Edible Icing Sheets boast a shelf life exceeding a year, ensuring your edible creations are ready whenever inspiration strikes. Elevate your baking game and transform ordinary cakes into edible works of art with our high-quality, easy-to-use, and visually stunning icing sheets.

Our sheets have one plastic border on the short edge of the paper for easy peeling. Please be sure to keep them airtight at all times as they become unusable when dried out.

Join our community of passionate bakers and decorators who trust Edible Icing Sheets to bring their imaginative visions to life. Whether it's a special occasion cake, a heartfelt gift, or a professional masterpiece, our icing sheets are here to turn your baking aspirations into delightful reality.

The product is Halaal certified. Ingredients: starch, sugar, maltodextrin, palm oil, glycerin, water, arabic gum (E414), stabilizer (E460), titanium dioxide, sodium phosphates, antioxidant, vanilla flavour.

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Blank Icing Sheet (Edible Paper)

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