South Bakels' new carrot cake mix. Expertly flavoured, spiced and priced to go, you won't want to make it on your own again.

**Please Note:
This recipe is for a 1kg Carrot cake mix. You should divide or multiply the ingredients according to the quantity of Carrot cake mix that you have purchased.

Carrot Cake Mix 1 Kg
Recipe: Cake Mix 1 Kg
Jumbo Eggs 6
Oil 400 ml
Carrots (Grated) 500 g

Method: Beat the eggs for 2 minutes on high speed
Using flat beater. Add cake mix and mix for 4 minutes
on slow speed, scrape down. Add oil slowly while mixing
on slow speed for 2 minutes. Add grated carrots and mix
well for 2 minutes on slow speed. Scoop into lined baking
tins. Bake at ±180ºC for 40-50 minutes

Carrot Cake Mix

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