Icing sugar of superior and consistent quality. It's ultra-fine and pure-white.

Premium icing sugar chosen for its zero grit, ultra fine purity and unmatched quality. Also known as frosting or powdered sugar.

Current sugar is Selati,

Couriered bags sell at R599 excluding delivery regardless of quantity, because we have to wrap and box each bag separately. This is only applicable to Courier Guy, not our own deliveries.

Please note that bulk icing sugar (more than one bag) can ONLY be paid EFT. if not, each bag increases with R6.00.

Icing Sugar 25kg Selati

All listed prices include VAT
  • 25kg Selati (Collection) @ R585.00
    Out Of Stock
  • 25kg (Wrapped for Courier) @ R625.00
    Out Of Stock
  • 25kg Huletts @ R650.00
    In Stock