You'll never go back to the expensive, store-bought versions of our cake mix once you've tasted it and the convenience that comes with it. The mix has been tried and tested over many years. Give it a go.

Perfect for cupcakes and muffins.

Ingredients: Sugar, Cake Flour, heat treated flour, corn starch, emulsifiers, maltodextrin, raising agents, flavour.. Allergens: Gluten. Nuts processed on premises. Origins: SA.

Pettina Muffin Mix 1kg makes ± 40 #10/ ±24 #14 cupcakes
Recipe: Pettina cake mix 1 kg
Cold water 200 ml
X/large eggs 5/300 g
Vegetable oil 150 ml
Method: Blend without the vegetable oil together on slow
for 1min. Scrape down. Mix on medium speed for 2 min.
Add Vegetable oil slowly, 1min on slow speed. Bake at
200 ͦC until baked through ±15 min. This is a sweet muffin
to which other ingredients can be added.

Pettina Muffin Mix

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